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That First Wedding Dance - - -

Your special day - what could be more romantic than a Special First Dance choreographed to suit? Something to remember for the rest of your life together! Even if you think you can't dance, or that you've got two left feet, we can put together an extra special routine you and your guests will just love!
Ballroom dancers Modern or Traditional !

Your choice of music, a song or track that means all to you and your partner. Or something very Traditional - we specialise in the Romantic Waltz, or Rumba. You'll have the confidence and style to look a million on your day!

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How Can We Do all This? - - -

Simply call us, we'll discuss what you'd like to do - Modern or Traditional - we can come to your home if you have enough room, or we'll find a venue locally. The longer ahead you can call us, the better! We can suggest suitable music, and even recommend suitable tracks if you decide on the Traditional option. The more time you can spend learning and practising the better! Allow between 10 to 30 hours, more if you want to look really polished, spread over around six weeks or more before your big day.

The Best Man and First Bridesmaid

You might want them to join you in the first dance - for moral support? We can also include them into the scenario if you would like, just ask for details when you call.

Emergency 911 - HELP!

So you forgot about that first dance? If we can, we'll try to help, ask us! We have a simple but effective Traditional Waltz routine that might fit the bill, but you need to have an absolute minimum of six to ten hours of very hard work dance and practise time to make this work, and somewhere to learn. This can be done, but again, it is very hard work! And, of course, if we are away teaching elsewhere we may not be able to fit this into our schedule?

Call now for details - -

If you'd like to discuss options, call now on 07811 896866, our Dance Enquiry number (mobile), we'll be pleased to give you more details about all of these options.


News and Updates


Note our dedicated number for all Dance Enquiries - - 07811 896866 - - Give us a call, you know you want to learn!

Currently we aren't running any classes or private lessons due to recovering from a serious road accident whilst on Holidays.

We may be able to advise on lessons by other teachers in the Central Scotland area, just call or e-mail and we'll try to help!

The website is now in full working version. Links should now work correctly. Please let us know of any faulty links by e-mail and we'll fix them for your benefit!.

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