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Ballroom, Latin & Sequence Dancing

Ballroom, Latin and Sequence Dancing . . .

Life is for Dancing - - - Dancing is for Life

You've found Mel and Ella's Ballroom, Latin and Sequence dancing website. Here you'll find details of our classes, tuition and dance sessions in the Edinburgh area, and special events throughout the UK. Check out who we are here!, and you'll also find a run down on some of what's involved in Ballroom, Latin and Sequence dancing to help you decide what's right for you

It's Good For You !
All forms of dance and dancing are good for you! Ballroom, Latin and Sequence dancing keep you fit with gentle exercise. It's something you can do together, as a couple or a family. Age is no barrier, ages from teens to 96 attend our dance sessions.

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You Know You Want To ?
You're here on the website because you want to dance, or you want to learn to dance. You'll benefit all round from improved general fitness, exercising both body and mind, remembering the steps and the order you dance them in. Classes and dance sessions are a fun, social activity, you'll be making new friends whilst you enjoy the joint learning experience. You'll find our tailored and structured Training programmes suitable for all levels, especially if you don't - or think you can't - dance. Whether it's Ballroom, Latin, Sequence or that very important  "First Wedding Dance" , you'll find we can help!

Special Events
From time to time, as Dance Professionals, we organise or take part in Special Events. You'll find brief details of these here in this area of the Main Page, if you'd like more information on any of these events, just follow the links within the text. Some links may lead to other websites over which we have no control or input.

News and Updates


Note our dedicated number for all Dance Enquiries has NOW changed, please use - - 07811 896866 - - Give us a call, you know you want to learn!

Currently we are soon going to be back on track running our classes and private lessons. Give us a call, or drop us an e-mail for details, we usually teach on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week in the Edinburgh area.

If this isn't suitable, we may be able to advise on lessons or classes by other teachers in the rest of Central Scotland, just call or e-mail and we'll try to help!

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