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Sequence, and Modern Sequence Dancing

Sequence dancing, also known as Modern Sequence Dancing, probably attracts more participants than many other dance forms throughout the UK and Overseas. A network of individual clubs means that most areas can offer dance programmes seven days each week in many areas, offering a varied standard of social dancing through to the very serious and keen dancers.
Ballroom dancersSo, what's the Difference? - -

Well, Sequence dancers use all the "Standard" dance rythms, Ballroom and Latin, plus the Classical dances (used to be called Old Time) to produce named dances each with 16 bars, and all dancers dance the same steps at the same time, and repeat!

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Social Sequence Clubs - - -

- - - are the grass roots of Sequence Dance. Usually meeting weekly, with a friendly social atmosphere, and feature a selection of the old favourite dances such as the Mayfair Quickstep, the Sally Ann Cha Cha and more, repeated on a fairly regular basis over every few weeks. These may be the ideal place to learn the basics of Sequence Dancing without any pressure!

Modern Sequence Clubs - - -

You'll find Modern Sequence Dancing in most areas. These are clubs with often very committed members, happy to learn NEW dances (up to 45 each year), almost every week throughout the year. If you haven't danced before, jumping in at the deep end with one of these clubs may NOT be a great idea unless you are prepared to learn very quickly indeed.

The new dances are selected at Inventive Competitions held at differing venues throughout the UK. Experienced Professionals present their dances in the Modern , Latin and Classical (Old Time) sections, and winners in each section are voted on by a panel of Adjudicators.


More Information on Sequence Dancing - -

Find out more on Mel's Sequence Dance Website, just click the link to go direct. If you'd like to see what a Sequence Dance Script looks like, visit the Sequence Webuda Com website. Scripts are used by sequence dancers worldwide laying down th exactb steps to be danced for each dance.

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Note our dedicated number for all Dance Enquiries - - 07811 896866 - - Give us a call, you know you want to learn!

Currently we aren't running any classes or private lessons due to recovering from a serious road accident whilst on Holidays.

We may be able to advise on lessons by other teachers in the Central Scotland area, just call or e-mail and we'll try to help!

The new dedicated Dance Enquiries number is - - 07811 896866 - - for all your Dance Queries.

All website links should now work correctly. Please let us know of any faulty links - from the Contacts Page.

We ARE acting as MC's at Carrickvale which meets as usual every Friday from 1.45 p.m. till 3.45 p.m. Come along and enjpy an afternoon of the best in Social Sequence Dance!

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