TOR - the scourge of the Internet

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TOR - the scourge of the Internet

Postby vintagetimex » Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:54 pm

I'm supposed to be here in Spain on vacation, sun is glorious, warm, looking forward to a nice meal out tonight - - but!

I'm busy fielding SPAM of porn, meds, money scams - - you name it flowing into our wee forum from behind a"freedom of speech" barriere provided by the iniquitous TOR PROJECT. Today's crop of 137 spamscams included over 110 hidden behind TOR relays, the other 27 came from RU sources.

But the TOR developers say that I should be altruistic enough to accept the 110 piles of BS and crap to help those who are presently oppressed and unable to use the internet because of regimeious governments. They accept no responsibilitry for the tide of spam and filthe coming from their servers/relays!

I'm not sure I can, I've NEVER, repeat NEVER had a mail from a TOR relay that isn't crap I need to field!

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Re: TOR - the scourge of the Internet

Postby Dadistic » Thu Oct 13, 2016 3:47 pm

Oy, I sympathise.

Defending against spam is the single biggest workload that an email or forum admin is going to have. It's the reason we don't run our own mail server here at $DAYJOB anymore. Even with automation, it was taking way to much admin time.

I don't have any specific suggestions as I've never been an admin on a forum, but in general my advice would be "Shields Up!"

Captchas, automated block lists (which would likely include TOR exits), really anything that will reduce the flood, as it's only likely to get worse.

Hope you find the right answer for this forum!

Thanks so much for your efforts,

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