Valuation Requests

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Valuation Requests

Postby Mel » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:15 pm

The Timex Watch Forum is an independent forum of posting members and not part of the Timex Group, although operating with tacit permission and approval to promote discussion of Vintage Timex and other watches.

No one on the The Timex Watch Forum is a Professional Appraiser or Valuation Expert, and therefore, we cannot offer any kind
of valuation or appraisal service. All of our members are enthusiastic watch collectors with some experience in restoration and
collecting, so we can say that from our experience, any watch is simply worth what someone will pay you for it.

Condition is paramount - a watch in an "as new" condition, in original condition, and with box and papers, warranty and
paperwork, will always be worth more than one that has been languishing at the back of a drawer for many years.

You may be able to get a ballpark figure for the value of a watch by scanning the completed listings for your watch, or a very
similar one, on any of the major Internet Auction Sites. A valuation for Insurance purposes can normally only be given by a
reputable and qualified watchmaker - - In the UK, FBHI, in US NAWCC or Professionally Qualified watchmaker.

Posted on behalf of the Forum

Above is our "official" position, any other replies you have or receive are perfectly valid, however as an independent forum we cannot be seen to offer nor are we qualified to offer "Professional Services".

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