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Affordable and Everyday Watches


Everyday and affordable watches from around the world! The watches of the "working man", often made in the country concerned, and sold at prices that were affordable to the ordinary citizen. Whilst there is no doubt that Switzerland produced , and still produces, high quality watches and movements for high end value wrist watches, many other countries had indigenous watchmaking industries and companies. Often these makers produced much less expensive movements, aiming squarely at the lower end of the market where buyers could not or would not afford the Swiss Made item.

This website is intended to showcase some at least of those watches, the "Timex", or "Slava" of the country and era concerned. Why bother with a web page for them? Well, many of these watches are gone forever, simply disposed of when repair costs outweighed the original purchase price - a victim of the "throwaway society" we now seem to live in.

Nearly all the items featured are mechanical watches, miracles of miniature engineering, whether mass produced or hand assembled, and all used and worn as regularly as is possible. Just use the links above and alongside to get to where you want to be!

Please enjoy browsing through the pages, if you come across that first watch you owned or bought, then that's a bonus, or if you know more about one of the makers or watches than is here, please e-mail so the information can be added to the website for others to see in the future about these gems from the past and present!

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