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Affordable Watches?


It's hard to define what "Affordable Watches" actually means. As far as Timekeepers.me.uk is concerned, none of the watches on the website have individually cost more than 50.00 or around $100.00, and only one or two have cost more than 30.00 or about $60.00. We're talking prices in 2007. There's always a but though!, That's the price paid for them, not necessarily the price they were when they were or are new.

So, I'm sticking around that figure, affordable watches mean a price of less than around 50.00 no matter whether new, second owner, imported, dearer than new, or cheaper than new. Everyday watches to me, are watches that were intended to be sold to the ordinary person who needed an inexpensive watch for work (or dress wear) and at the time could be bought for not too high a percentage of working wage or salary.

Those two definitions let me collect inexpensive pieces that I like, and importantly, my collection still remains a "pocket money" hobby that I can enjoy without a second mortgage on the house! (or retribution from SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed! )

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