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Shanghai Watch Factory

Chinese Makers Listing

A country with a population and size of China has a massive domestic market for watches and timepieces. Here's a listing of what can only be some of the manufacturers based in China and it's territories. Information is sketchy, and previously it would seem the majority of production has gone to satisfy the internal market, with few pieces "escaping" to the West.

It would be of considerable help if you let us know of any other makers you are aware of apart from the few listed here. You can easily do this by e-mail using this link. All contributions of information will be gratefully received and archived here for fellow collectors, and future reference!

For the purposes of this website, this listing includes any and all dependencies or areas of China and it's territories.


Chinese Watch Manufacturers List

Alba - (newer producer, Seiko subsidiary, mainly quartz movements)
    It's not clear whether the movements are made in China, or perhaps
    just assembly from pieces imported from Japan.
Alpha 1993 - (rapidly enhancing reputation as producer of value timepieces)
Bao Xuan
Double Rhomb - (Peking China)
Gold Coin - (Pocket Watches)
Hong Ye
Jie Fang - (Shanghai Shoubiao Chang)
Shanghai - (Shanghai Watch Factory)

Last updated:- 26th November 2007

I am indebted to Mac from The Watch Forum for some of this information.

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