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Orion Jump Hour Watch


Here's a wee curiosity for you. To the left is an "Orion" Jump Hour watch, made in Switzerland in response to the sudden shift towards digital watches from and in the mid seventies. It uses a standard enough mechanical movement, hand wound and usually off set within the base metal case. In this example the movement is atually quite small, could be from a ladies watch, and is offset using a specially designed spacer. The minutes dial runs constantly just like a minutes hand on a conventional watch, but the hours "jumps" over as the hours change.

This watch is a fairly chunky example, base metal case with Stainless Steel snap back. Came as an intermittent worker - a clean and oil plus some general clean-up work produced this very wearable example. The strap is a blue fake croco leather design to complement the blue faced dial.

An excellent retro design to seek out if you are into the "retro" look! There are various examples from a number of makers.

Orion Jump Hour Mechanical Digital Watch. Width 46mm inc crown. 22mm lugs. 39mm lug tip to lug tip. Depth 11mm. Weight 59grams.


Raketa true 24hour Watch - Russian Raketa 24 Hour Watch

One of the few true 24 hour watches made, the Raketa movement is set up so that the hour hand moves around the dial once only in any 24 hour period. There are various models of this watch, some have rotating chapter rings with time zones listed for different cities. The upper crown (at 5 hours position) adjusts the rotating chapter ring, the lower crown (at 7 hours position) winds and sets the watch as normal. Robust Raketa Russian made movement. For some folks, the 24 hour dial is difficult, what can I say, I don't find it at all tricky, and it certainly removes doubt about " Military Time"!

Raketa 24 Hour watch. Movement Raketa 2623 (21 jewels). true 24 hour movement (hour hand revolves once only each 24 hours, dial marked 1 to 24 hours). Chromed Case, SS back. 43mm inc Crowns. 46mm lug tip to lug tip. Lugs 18mm. 10mm deep. Weight inc strap 48gr.

Voumard Backset watch 2000 Voumard Backset 2000

Voumard (Swiss) Backset watch. Crown and set from rear. Auto movement - calibre unknown. (Backset movements can be tricky to remove, often through crystal.) Goldtone Base metal case, SS back. Date mechanism. Second picture shows the knurled backset knob. Voumard is a generic Swiss make, one of many smaller companies producing various watches.

Voumard Backset 2000, Swiss Made Automatic. Movement unknown. Showing Voumard Backset knob on rear of case.Backset 34mm diameter. 40mm lug tip to lug tip. Lugs 18mm. 9mm deep inc "crown". Weight inc strap 40gr.

The backset "crown" pulls out one notch in the normal way to set the hands and date changeovers. It is not obtrusive when the wtach is on the wrist, however I don't find using it when setting to be very easy or comfortable.

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