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FAQ's ~ Frequently Asked Questions


Some Frequently Asked Questions, and some Frequently Answered replies also!

Where do you collect these items?

You can collect watches from many sources. Car Boot Sales, Rummage and Jumble Sales, Garage and Yard Sales, Auctions of Household items are just a few sources. Always check into boxes at these kinds of sales, as you become experienced, you may find it pays to buy a whole box of what may look like junk at a knock down or close out price just to get the watch you've spotted lying at the bottom of the pile. On the other hand, if you dive into a box, come out with a watch and whoop with joy, then the seller is for sure, going to up the price 'cos he reckons you know something he doesn't!

Then of course you can always look at antique dealers stores and stalls, but you'll have to pay a bit more usually. Online auctions such as e-bay have large watch sections, but remember it's very much "buyer beware", you're buying from a photograph and the seller's word that the item is working, and in the case of a rarity or expensive high end piece, his word that it's genuine. You need to check the seller's feedback carefully, look at ANY negatives in the feedback, and then decide on a maximum bid and stick to it. Try not to get sucked into the last minute bidding frenzy that goes on, stick to your maximum bid and positive feedback established sellers. Always factor in the postage costs - some sellers charge high to keep the e-bay fees down.

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