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Sekonda Quartz Chrono watch

Quartz Quorner

I have to say I'm not a great Quartz fan. I have one or three quartz watches, and I realise they are excellent timekeepers, accurate and affordable, but there's no "heart" beating inside, is there?

Definitely I prefer mechanical timepieces, but here's something for you to look at anyway.

Mind you, I've found a few quartz watches in job lots from various sources that have only needed a new battery and a clean to get them going again, and these may end up with SWMBO (the lady of the house) if they are ladies', or I've re-sold them on the bay and sent off the money to the local childrens hospice. Is that something you might care to think about doing as well?


SEKONDA Quartz Chrono (Right above)

This is one I've kept, came from a job lot as not working, needed a battery fitting (the right way round), and including a new cell, cost me less than 3.00 or around $5.00. Back signed, and as Water Resist (with a snap back?)
Movement:- Sekonda Quartz. 40mm inc. crown. Integrated SS Bracelet. SS snap back. 45mm lug tip to lug tip. 8mm thick.

CASIO Quartz Chronograph ana/digi (Left above)

This one came in the same lot, again fitted a cell and off it went. Tried it, but it wasn't for me - so it went on sale and the proceeds went to the hospice. Goldtone case and bracelet.

Yellow Baby G Watch - 1p

Baby G Yellow

A really cheap (and some would say nasty) "plastic" quartz watch. Easily bought from the bay or other sources, from as little as 1p plus postage.

Works well enough and is a good timekeeper, a few seconds weekly. Definitelt a throwaway item - a new battery would cost more than the watch! SS back, backlight.
40mm by 50mm (no crown) 15mm thick. Shows secs, mins, hrs, day and date, some chrono functions. Alarm. Range of other colours, (all as garish as the yellow, but hey, for a penny who cares).

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