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Russian Makers Listing

Russia and it's various territories is and was a big country, producing many makes and movements. Here's a listing of as many as I have been able to find from various sources, and I'm pretty sure there must be more out there. If you know of any I don't have listed, or any I've listed incorrectly, then please let me know, and this page will be updated to provide a valuable resource for collectors of Russian Time Pieces.

Where I have more information about a particular watch and a watch to show you, clicking on the maker's name in the list will take you there direct. Note these internal links may not all be in place as the site is under development during 2010, but you're welcome to bookmark this page and call back again.


Makers of Russian Watches

The following list is made up to show, first the name signed on the dial in the nearest English equivalent letters to Cyrillic CAPITALS, then the nearest English letters to Cyrillic script, and where an English equivalent or translation, then I list that next. For a look at some of these signatures in real life, try this link, just click to visit!

Agat (Arat) (Azam) (# stopwatches only AFAIK)
Albatross (Audampoc) (~ used by Vostok)
Almaz (Anmaz) (Aamaz)
Amphibian (~ used by Vostok)
Antarktida (Ahtapknaa) (Anctarctica)
Aurora (Abpopa)
Buran (Bypah) (~ used by various makers)
BPEMR (Bpemr) (Time) (# Export item from Slava)
Cardi (Cardi-Vostok) (Raketa Cardi) (Poljot Cardi) * see note below
Chaika (Yanka)
Cmapm (Start) {# may be also East German or Eastern bloc}
Cornavin {# some may have Swiss Movements}
Cosmos (Kocmoc)
Crystal (Kpntcann) (Kpucmailil)
Druschba (Apyxga)
Electronika (Enektpohnka) {# Digital Electronic Watches}
Era (Epa) (3pa)
Generalskie (Generalskijie){~ used by Vostok}
Iskra (Nckpa) (Spark)
Jantar (Rhtapg) (Amber)
Junost (Iohoctg) (Youngster) {# small watches boys sizes?)
Kirovski (Kirowskie) (Kupobckue)
Kolos (Konoc)
Kometa (Comet)
Leningrad (Aennipaa)
Luch (Ray) (Ayz) (Beam)
Lux (Aiokc)
Mayak (Majak) (Mark)
Mechta (Meyta)
Mir (Mnp)
Moljna (Monhnr) (Lightning){# Pocket watches some Wristwatches}
Moskowskijie (Mockobckne) (Moscovite)
Moskva (Moskwa) (Moscow)
Neva (Niva) (Heba)
NII (Hnn)
Okeah (Okean) (Ocean) (Okapah)
Orbita (Opgnta)
Peterhof (Neteprob) (Netetop)
Petrodvorez (Netpoabopeu)
Pobeda (Nobeaa) (Tiodeda) (Victory)
Poljot (Nonet) (Flight)
Raduga (Paayra) (Rainbow)
Raketa (Paketa) (Rocket)
Rekord (Pekopa)
Rodina (Poanha)
Rubin (Pybnh)
Russia (Poccnr)
Salyut (Caniot) (Catrom)
Sarja {see Zaria)
Saturn (Catyph)
Sekonda {# Newer models may use movements sourced from Japan or China}
Severni Polus (North Pole)
Signal (Cnrhan) (Cuemar)
Slatoustowski ( Bnatoyctobcknn) {# known for the huge Divers watch, 280 grams weight)
Slava (Cnaba) (Craba) (Glory)
Sportnivnie (Cnoptnbhbie) (Sports)
Sputnik (Cnythnk) (Satellite)
Stolichnyje (Ctonnuhbie)
Strela (Ctpena) (Ctpeaa) (Arrow) {# used as a name by Poljot}
Sturmanski (Shturmanskie) (Wtypmahckne){# used as a name by Vostok}
Sura (Cypa)
Svet (Sviet) (Cbet) (Clef)
Ural (Ypan) (Ypad)
Uran (Ypah) (Uranus)
Viesna (Vesna) (Becha)
Volga (Bonha) (Wave)
Vympel (Wimpiel) (B6imnea)
Vostok (Wostock) (Boctok)
Zarja (Zaria) (3apr) (Dawn)
Zim (3NM)
Zvezda (Zvesda) (3be3aa) (Star)

Minerva ? (possibly?)
Orient ? (V slight possibility some models may use movements sourced from Russia)

Names on Dials (not necessarily maker's names)
used on Poljot Sturmanski and others

Buran (Bypah)
Capitan (used on Vostok and Cardi-Vostok)

* Cardi is a "blanket" name used with various movements from different makers, and mainly intended for the export market.A good example of "badge engineering" to meet a particular marketplace.

Last updated :- 1st July 2010

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